Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dynamically obtaining a DIV's ID - (When the ID itself is set dynamically).

The Problem:

Given a list of elements, find the ID of the element that was clicked upon. The challenge was that the ID itself was generated dynamically.

The Solution:

As the ID is generated dynamically and must be unique, I noticed that it has a constant class attribute like "post" in  the below example. Then, one line of jQuery did the trick.

For example, the given statement was like this:

<div id="post_237" class="post">
<div id="post_238" class="post">

Note that the ID changes every time and I had to find the content of that DIV. But the CLASS "post" is constant. Thus, to find the ID, the corresponding jQuery statement is as follows:

var getID = $('.post').attr('id');

There you go, the variable getID now contains the ID of that dynamic element.

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