Monday, July 23, 2012

The basics of Git

In short, Git can be summed up as the following:

  • Git is a version control system where multiple people can work on a same project and maintain the code at a central location.
  • It maintains all the previous versions of files in a smart way and we can recover the changes the made to any of the versions.
  • It is free for open sourced projects and we can use anyone’s code on Github and work on them.
    The set up process for Windows and Linux are different, but the commands are same for both Windows and Linux as well.
  • The code is stored in a local project directory and is periodically updated to the server as changes are made to the project.
  • Every time, the latest code is always on the server, and changes are always made to the latest version.
I shall explain more about Git and the basic commands in Git in the next post.

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